Dr. Phil show accused of supplying guests with drugs, alcohol

30 December, 2017, 01:23 | Author: Ruben Patrick
  • 'Dr. Phil' Is Being Accused Of Providing Drugs And Alcohol To Addict Guests

Herzog was not the only guest Stat spoke with.

Following his last appearance on "Dr. Phil" past year, Herzog wrote a letter addressed to the show confirming that there was really a bottle of vodka inside his dressing room. Todd believes it was a deliberate move to get him drunk to make for better TV.

Herzog says his dad was pissed because he knew he had just been sober.

After STAT and the Globe sent detailed questions about specific guests' allegations, the show issued a statement claiming that guests with substance abuse problems are medically supervised "100% of the time".

Herzog's father, however, told the Globe that Todd was not intoxicated when he arrived at the studio; when McGraw used a breathalyzer on Todd during the taping, he blew a 0.263 - more than three times Utah's current 0.08 legal limit for driving and more than five times the 0.05 limit that goes into effect in December 2018.

"I had been drinking and took a Xanax, which I've never taken Xanax before in my life, and I know that can be a deadly combination, so why it was given to me, I don't know", Herzog stated. The show's director of professional affairs told the news organizations that guests have never been provided alcohol or directed to purchase drugs. McGraw later scolded King-Parrish on the show for taking her daughter to buy drugs instead of taking her to the hospital. While the report notes that this makes for "riveting" television, it said the guests were placed in unsafe and possibly fatal conditions. "There should not be liters of vodka in my dressing room", he said.

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Joelle King-Parrish on the show with her pregnant daughter Kaitlin. "He called the allegations "'absolutely, unequivocally untrue'".

Former guests of "Dr. Phil" allege that the show provided them, as addicts, with drugs and alcohol while on set.

Greenberg told STAT News that the show's producer, who filmed the scene in Skid Row, "simply documented the natural behavior she observed, which would have occurred whether she was there or not". One guest had the support of show staff when buying heroin, a family member told the site. Past guest Marianne Smith revealed she was instructed by Dr. Phil's production team to get heroin for her niece, who was there to discuss getting help with her addiction. In a statement provided to Stat and the Globe, he said that "addicts are notorious for lying, deflecting and trivializing".

Reporters note that the alleged actions of staffers can make for "riveting" television, but the show's guests, who stay in hotels up to 48 hours before taping an episode, can experience a possibly unsafe withdrawal period during that time. "But if they are at risk when they arrive, then they were at risk before they arrived", Greenberg told STAT/The Globe.

McGraw declined to comment to the publications.



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