Google Allo now available for web but only for Android users

16 August, 2017, 15:45 | Author: Delbert Rhodes
  • Allo for Web Launch Sure Seems Imminent (UPDATED: LIVE!)

If you try to use Allo on a browser that isn't Chrome, a monster will show you the way.

Apparently, since Google Allo is known for its integration of "Google Assistant" inside the app itself, it is pretty much expected that we see the same on the web version as well.

We do know that this program is now trying to get into the emerging markets.

Google first hinted at Allo coming to desktop soon back in February when VP of communications Nick Fox tweeted a sneak peek photo. Allo for web is here!

The schedule sounds about right. Google Allo for web is available in the Chrome web browser. If the app isn't running on your phone or your phone isn't connected to the internet, you can't use Allo through the web app. While this is a nice addition, it doesn't mean that you won't have to install the Duo app on your phone in order to make a call.

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On your computer, open Google Allo for web. By doing this, Allo opens a viewfinder on the device, asking you to navigate to the web on your computer.

Scan the QR code displayed on the PC.

As we stated, the web version for Allo is now limited to Android users, but Google has promised to extend the support to iPhone too. Just like Gmail, it also has smart replies and using machine learning, it gives you options on how you should reply with just one tap.

Google Allo has been available for Android and iOS devices for quite awhile now, but one of its oft-requested features, availability on the web, has been a slow arrival. It's sort of similar to the user interface of Facebook's Messenger - the web version, to be more specific. In other words, it'll be quicker in most cases to just use your phone. You will not have access to notifications and privacy settings. Google made no mention of a limit on the number of devices you're able to connect to your Allo account so it remains to be seen whether such a restriction exists.



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